« Candice Angelini is a self-taught artist whose work revolve around the threshold between life to death and the idea of memorialisation. She is a believer in past lives, she had experienced regressions under hypnosis and creates masks, dolls and sculpted headdresses that evokes her relashionship to former lives and identites contained within her. Each of her sculptures, made in paper, antique materials and often real human hairs or teeth is unique and channels a bit of the past souls it once was attached to. »
- Laëtitia Barbier, Morbid Anatomy Museum -


"Past Life " by Ronni Thomas ( Midnight Archive )


Events to come :

- "Art Shopping Paris" (Paris, France) at Caroussel du Louvre, October 2019 ( represented by Adelinda Allegretti gallery )

- "A visual exploration of Grief and Feminity" at Morbid Anatomy (Brooklyn, NY) Autumn 2019

- Collaboration with theatre maker Bianca Casady, works in development

Mask created for the clip Smash My Head by Cocorosie

Part one of three - John Santerineross

The Kybalion - Directed By Ronni Thomas

Press and Films

- Film "Totenfieber" for German TV, 2020 -

- Books "Dark & Dystopian Post-Mortem Fairy Tales" and "Post-Mortem Fairy Tales" by @mothmeister Publisher: Lanoo -

- Art Book "Feu" and "Eau" by Joie Panique éditions (Paris) -

- Beautiful Bizarre Magazine #23 -

- PERSONA Revue #7 -

- Maison & Jardin (juin 2018) -

- The Guide Artist #14 -

- HEY Revue #27 -

- WMagazine (September Cover 2014) -


Morbid Anatomy Museum (New York- Greenwood cemetery)
Memento Mori (Los Angeles)

ArtBank Gallery (Shanghai)

Macabre Gallery (London)

Contact :

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Film & Character : Mothmeister / Mask : C.Angélini